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ONYX 3000
  • Micro-spot X-ray beam and pattern recognition
  • 2D- and 3D- optical characterization of device structures
  • High-throughput, blanket- and product-wafer measurements
  • Wide range of materials and applications
  • High resolution and precision covering thicknesses from Ångstroms to microns
  • Helium purged measurement environment for light-element sensitivity 
  • Configurable for 300mm and smaller wafers
  • Design based on SEMI S2 and SEMI S8

Hybrid XRF and Optical metrology FAB tool

Thickness, composition, defect identification and sizing of films and structures on blanket and patterned wafers

Combining advanced X-ray and optical techniques, the Onyx offers unique metrology approaches in many areas from FEOL through WLP leading to in-line solutions for these processes. This sophisticated hybrid metrology tool makes it practical to perform high-throughput, in-line measurements on blanket and product wafers ranging from ultrathin single-layer films to multilayer stacks. 2D- and 3D- optical microscopy enables defect detection in and characterization of BEOL structures through image analysis (of color, height, roughness, etc. of metal stacks, solder bumps, pillars, etc.) complemented by elemental composition and thickness measurements by XRF analysis.

Designed for high-volume manufacturing

The Onyx is designed with high-volume manufacturing in mind: high-throughput thickness and composition measurements by XRF, rapid 2D- and 3D- optical inspection, low-contamination wafer handling and pattern recognition-based position control for product wafer measurements, S2/S8 compliance for semiconductor production clean room operation, SECS/GEM communication software, high-reliability machine performance and low power consumption and cost of ownership.

Polycapillary and COLORS™ enabling technology

The Onyx is offered with micro-spot, polycapillary X-ray optics and optionally with Rigaku’s monochromatic COLORS™ X-ray optics. COLORS beam modules couple a variety of XRF excitation sources with optics and are optimized to provide high brightness in small spots for a variety of thin film applications.


Product name Onyx
Technique X-ray fluorescence and optical microscopy
Benefit Measure ultra-thin single-layer films to multi-layer stacks; Characterize BEOL and WLP structures
Technology Process micro-spot EDXRF and 2D-, 3D- optical microscopy
Core attributes Design based on SEMI S2 and SEMI S8, micro-spot polycapillary X-ray optics
Core options SECS/GEM communication software, COLORS beam modules
Computer Internal PC, MS Windows® OS
Core dimensions 1390 (W) x 2040 (H) x 2960 (D) mm
Mass ~1250 kg
Power requirements 1Ø, 208 VAC 50/60 Hz, 16A
Single Bump Metrology

Single Bump Metrology

Measure and monitor Ag%, Sn%, Ni layers, Cu thickness, and total bump height:
  • Measure single-solder bumps as small as 10 μm diameter
  • Inspect a range of parameters: across the wafer, wafer-to-wafer, and lot-to-lot
  • Measure CD and a total height of single bumps using a 2D microscope, 3D scanner, and built-in sensors


Thin Films Measuring and Monitoring

Measure and monitor thickness and composition of precious metal thin films:
  • Analyze ultra-thin films of any type of element, regardless of their physical properties
Thin Film Measuring and Monitoring





Conduct metallurgical inspections of under bump metallization (UBM) and redistribution layers (RDL):
  • Analyze multi-stack structures and thick monolayers, for layer thickness and composition
  • Distinguish separate layers simultaneously



Alloy Compositions

Measure and monitor metals and alloy composition:
  • Analyze metal elements (Ga, P, Co, Ni, Fe, Pt, Cr, Zn, and Mn)
  • Identify alloys (NiFe, CoNi, NiP, NiPt, and CrMn)
Alloy compositions



Wafer metrology