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The new edition of The Bridge, the Materials Science newsletter from Rigaku, is now online

Issue 50 of The Bridge newsletter from Rigaku concentrates on materials science and is available from the company’s website

August 31, 2017 – The Woodlands, Texas. The current edition of The Bridge, the materials science newsletter from Rigaku Corporation, is now available to view on the company’s global website.
The Bridge is the materials analysis newsletter from Rigaku, presenting the latest news and analysis methods offered to keep the scientific community abreast of the latest developments in X-ray based materials science.

Numerous articles and scientific papers regarding X-ray diffraction (XRD), wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF), energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) and Raman spectrometry are presented, along with new application papers for the various X-ray analytical techniques.

The August 2017 edition of The Bridge contains a recap of the recent 24th Congress & General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr), where attendees collected data on 37 single crystal samples at the Rigaku Oxford Diffraction LiveLab, with 33 being ready for publication.

This month's issue also features a new Rigaku Journal article describing crystal structure analysis from powder X-ray diffraction data using the high-temperature attachment for capillaries on the Rigaku SmartLab XRD system. A report on the installation of one such system at the University of Manchester is also included.

Application papers are also included for TXRF, WDXRF and EDXRF techniques, including an Application Note highlighting "Sulfur Analysis in Petroleum Products by Benchtop WDXRF According to ASTM D2622-10."

The book review for August features Protein Crystallography: Methods and Protocols by Alexander Wlodawer. The book is a compilation of 27 reviews by 50 contributors on current methods in protein crystallography. The contributors are all recognized as leaders in their areas of specialization.

Readers can subscribe to the newsletter or view the current issue online athttps://www.rigaku.com/subscribe

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