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  • Easy operation: The RV-5020 is equipped with a dedicated, embedded operation panel. Operation is so simple that anyone can use it easily.
  • Various image processing functions: With one button, you are able to zoom in or out images, adjust contrast and brightness, reverse white and black and display images in colors.
  • Compact enclosure: The tube-below design makes the RV-5020 cabinet compact. This allows the RV-5020 to be smaller.
  • Two-person evaluation: Having two judges decide whether a product passes inspection (OK or NG) improves the accuracy of the examination process.
  • File management: OK and NG images are automatically saved with different file names, and you can easily search and review files later.
  • Continuous inspection mode: Examine 5000 pairs of low shoes in 8 hours (excluding evaluation time)
  • Inspection in a short time: The captured image of the next inspection item can be held during image evaluation, creating an efficient inspection process.
  • Report: Summarizing results for clients is facilitated by a convenient reporting function.

Foreign object X-ray inspection instrument

Non-destructive testing for foreign objects


RV-5020 is the standard entry in the RV series of foreign object X-ray inspection instruments for shoes, apparel, miscellaneous goods, and bags. It is equipped with an L-shaped line sensor that can inspect the entire tunnel. The image angle can be changed interactively by changing the input direction and position of the samples. The image brightness and contrast can be set for the two displays. In addition, RV-5020 has simple operation and a compact cabinet, making it a convenient instrument for the inspection of foreign object for various shapes and material.

L-shaped line sensor and dual displays

RV-5020 is equipped with an L-shaped line sensor that can inspect the entire tunnel. The image brightness and contrast can be set for the two displays.


Product name RV-5020
Technique Non-destructive testing
Benefit Foreign object X-ray inspection instrument
Technology X-ray inspection
Core attributes Continuous inspection mode
Core options Input/output table, label printer
Computer Internal PC
Core dimensions 1430 (W) x 1200 (H) x 903 (D) mm
Mass 405 kg (core unit)
Power requirements 1Ø, 220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

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