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  • Increased Intensity over all competing analyzers
  • Suppresses interfering high order lines from the sample
  • Thermally stable
  • Chemically stable
  • No radiation damage in this application

Light element analyzer for laboratory XRF instruments

Enables light element analysis in laboratory XRF Instruments

Ovonyx XRF analyzers

Ovonyx™ multilayer optics are the most popular light element X-ray analyzers for all wavelength dispersive spectrometer (WDS) attachments used on SEMs and in electron probe microanalysis (EPMA). Ovonyx Analyzers are sold to most major X-ray spectrometer manufacturers around the world including Cameca, Jeol, Oxford, Shimadzu, and Thermo Noran.

Over 25 years in manufacture brings many advantages

Rigaku's Ovonyx product line has several advantages in the analysis of F through Be over competing multilayer or natural crystals. Reflectivity, high order suppression, reduced background, and stability to substances, temperature, and radiation damage make Ovonyx multilayers superior analyzers in light element spectroscopy.

Available for any spectrometer, more than 35,000 Ovonyx Analyzers sold

Ovonyx analyzers are available in cylindrical configurations for Rowland Circle spectrometers. Custom tailoring of d-spacings, various Rowland Circle radii, and mounting allow Ovonyx multilayers to be used in any WDS application.

See for yourself the advantages of Ovonyx Analyzers


Product name Ovonyx
Technique Light atom XRF analysis
Benefit Aanalysis of F through Be
Technology Multilayer analyzers
Core attributes High order suppression, reduced background, and stability to substances
Core options Crystal holder available for some spectrometers. Can be mounted to a clean customer supplied holder
Computer N/A
Core dimensions Varies with configuration
Mass (core unit) Varies with configuration
Power requirements N/A