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Thermo Mass Photo
  • Detection over a mass range from hydrogen to m/z 410 with high sensitivity
  • Detection of unexpectedly evolved gas with high sensitivity
  • Available with two ionizations: electron ionization (EI) and photoionization (PI)
  • Integrated model of STA and MS coupled with the skimmer-type interface
  • User-friendly software: simple measurement controlled by a single software and versatile analysis with 3D presentation of MS
  • Measuring temperature range
    • Standard model : Ambient to 1000°C
    • High-temperature model : Ambient to 1500°C

Simultaneous thermal analysis and mass spectrometry

Measures the evolved gases associated with weight changes and endothermic or exothermic reaction

Thermo Mass Photo is a simultaneous instrument composed of STA coupled with mass spectrometry (MS) using a skimmer-type interface. 

It is equipped with 2 different modes, namely electron ionization (EI) and soft ionization by photoionization (PI), which are available with just one-click on the software, suitable for qualitative analysis of evolved gases.

  • Skimmer-type interface

Since it adopts the skimmer type interface which is composed of a double orifice structure based on the jet separator principle, we have achieved a more compact design than the conventional capillary method. 

  • Photo Ionization (PI)

The soft ionization method using VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) lamp enables ionization of molecular ions suppressing fragmentation. Through this, we can confirm the molecular ions (parent ions) in a fragment-free spectrum. 

Since the conventional electron ionization is installed, by comparing the EI and PI results, we can obtain a more detailed evolved gas analysis result.

Product name Thermo Mass Photo
Technique Simultaneous thermal analysis (STA) and mass spectrometry (MS)
Benefit TG provides information on the weight changes derived from reactions such as dehydration, evaporation, sublimation, desorption, decomposition, adsorption, oxidation, while DTA provides temperature information associated with endo- or exothermic reactions.
Technology Horizontal differential thermogravimetric-differential thermal analyzer (TG-DTA) w/ evolved gas analysis
Core attributes Horizontal differential triple-coil balance system  automatically cancels various fluctuations causing TG drift resulting to a more accurate measurement.
Core options Smart loader
Computer External PC
Core dimensions 870 (W) x 576 (H) x 547 (D) (mm)
Mass (core unit) 98 kg
Power requirements 1Ø, 200V 50/60Hz 10A