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Rigaku Journal (ISSN 2187-9974)

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Winter 2016, Volume 32, No. 1


Summer 2016, Volume 32, No. 1

The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Akihito Yamano

Dr. Satoshi Omura of Kitasato Univerisity and his collaborator, Dr. William C. Campbell of Merck, were awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites”. What they discovered is the breakthrough medicine ivermectin which cures onchocerciasis, an...

Micro-area X-ray diffraction measurement by SmartLab μHR diffractometer system with ultra-high brilliance microfocus X-ray optics and two-dimensional detector HyPix-3000

Yuji Shiramata

X-ray diffraction is an analytical method for the characterization of the crystalline structure of a material, where the X-ray intensity (I) variation is recorded as a function of diffraction angle (2θ). The diffraction region where 2θ≦10° is called the Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) area, and the area where 2θ≧5°...

Sample preparation for X-ray fluorescence analysis V. / Fusion bead method—part 2: practical applications

Mitsuru Watanabe

The general preparation method of fusion bead, equipment, reagents and other important considerations were described in the previous article “Sample preparation for X-ray fluorescence analysis IV Fusion bead method—part 1 basic principles.” In this article, the preparation methods of various applications such as ferroalloy, sulfide and carbide are described.


Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer: ZSX Primus IV

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry is one of the common instrumental analysis techniques for routine quality control. This is due to high precision and easy sample preparation compared to other instrumental analytical methods. It is also a powerful analytical tool in the field of research and development for the analysis of advanced...

Benchtop total reflection XRF spectrometer

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) is well known as an analysis method with high precision by means of non-destructive and no contact analysis, and is therefore widely used for process and quality control at production sites.

In particular, total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (TXRF) developed in the 1970s is a special...

Automated dislocation evaluation software for X-ray topography images: Topography Analysis

X-ray topography is a powerful technique for evaluating crystal defects such as dislocations, stacking faults, scratches, and so on. High–performance electronics devices such as microprocessors, solid-state memories, imaging processors are fabricated on dislocation-free Si single crystal wafers. However, device fabrication processes often induce dislocations in the Si wafers that can...

Summer 2015, Volume 31, No. 2


Summer 2015, Vol.31, No.2

Micro X-ray diffraction of cultural properties

Yurika Takumi and Masataka Maeyama
There are two basic objectives in scientific analysis of tangible cultural properties: appraisal of authenticity, and investigation of materials for purposes of preservation or restoration. Targets of these analyses are buildings, sculptures, paintings, craft objects, old documents and so on.

Analysis of polymers, minerals and pharmaceuticals by TG-DTA-MS

Yoshinobu Hosoi

Hyphenated methodology combined with thermal analysis and other analysis methods has been widely applied to the investigation of complex phenomena. Thermo Mass Photo is a thermogravimetry-differential thermal analysis-mass spectrometry (TG-DTA-MS) instrument, which is one of the most widespread hyphenated systems, and a main product in the lineup of Rigaku’s evolved...

TG-DTA/Photoionization mass spectrometer - Thermo Mass Photo

Thermo Mass Photo is a thermogravimetry-differential thermal analysis-mass spectrometry (TG-DTA-MS) instrument and a main product in the lineup of Rigaku’s evolved gas analytical systems. It consists of thermogravimetry-differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA) and photoionization mass spectrometry (PIMS) equipped with a skimmer-type interface. Weight change, endothermic or exothermic phenomena, and evolved gases...

Integrated X-ray diffraction software / SmartLab Studio II

SmartLab Studio II is an integrated X-ray diffraction software package for SmartLab 3, an automated multipurpose X-ray diffractometer. The package covers the full spectrum of operations required for X-ray diffraction analysis, including measurement, analysis, data display and reporting on a single platform. SmartLab Studio II is designed from the ground...

The creation of Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

Paul Swepston

I would like to take this opportunity to address the recent acquisition of Agilent’s XRD business by Rigaku Corporation and the subsequent creation of a new combined Rigaku Oxford Diffraction single crystal group.

Our decision to make this acquisition was based on a number of things, but key among those...