X-ray component products

X-ray and EUV optical components

  EUV optics
Multilayer optics for extreme ultraviolet lithography patterning of semiconductor wafers
    Confocal Max-Flux®
Custom focusing CMF X-ray optics for X-ray diffraction
    Confocal Max-Flux® SAXS optic
Special CMF optic designed for SAXS instrumentation
  Max-Flux® XRD
Parallel beam graded multilayer monochromator for XRD
    Max-Flux® TXRF
Focusing graded multilayer monochromator for TXRF
Light element analyzer for laboratory XRF instruments
Single wavelength Confocal Max-Flux (CMF) optics for protein crystallography
    VariMax™ DW
Dual wavelength Confocal Max-Flux (CMF) optics for protein crystallography
replicated optics

Custom designed optics for EUV and X-ray sources
  Custom Optics
Custom Confocal Max-Flux focusing optics for beamline applications
Foil Optics for EUV and X-ray radiation

Soft X-ray and EUV optics

X-ray detectors and systems

PILATUS3 R detectors
PILATUS3 R hybrid pixel array detector (HPAD) for X-ray crystallography
  Xsight Mneme
Provides real time visualization for general purpose X-ray imaging applications
    Xsight Micron
Compact two dimensional CCD X-ray and EUV detector
PIN diode based detector for alignment of laboratory devices or long term monitoring of X-ray intensity.

X-ray tubes and HVPS systems

  Newton Scientific
X-ray tubes and high voltage power supplies

One mission of Rigaku's Innovative Technology division is to be the world's best in producing X-ray and neutron multilayer coatings, optics, X-ray detectors and instruments. Development of innovative solutions that address the needs of X-ray instrument designers and users, production of high quality performance products and on-time-delivery, are a few examples of how Rigaku is able to achieve this goal.