Summer 2018, Volume 34, No. 2

Technical articles

  • Development of innovative organic semiconductors driven by state-of-art analytical instruments by Toshihiro Okamoto
  • Various pole figure measurement techniques with SmartLab, assisting thin film characterization by Katsuhiko Inaba and Shintaro Kobayashi
  • Real-time analysis and display function using SmartLab Studio II by Takahiro Kuzumaki and Aya Ogi
  • Introduction to single crystal X-ray analysis XIV. Model construction and refinement, and evaluation of results by Takashi Matsumoto
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis of zinc and zinc-iron alloy coated steel sheet by Takao Moriyama and Kenji Kodama
  • Evolved gas analysis by simultaneous thermogravimetric differential thermal analysis-Fourier transromations infrared spectroscopy (TG-DTA-FTIR) by Tadashi Arii

New Products

  • Automated multipurpose X-ray diffractometer SmartLab
  • Multi-channel X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Simultix 15
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer ZSX Primus400
  • Specialized, versatile, compact WDXRF spectrometer Supermini200 (RX9)
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