Winter 2016, Volume 32, No. 1

  • The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine by Akihito Yamano
  • Micro-area X-ray diffraction measurement by SmartLab μHR diffractometer system with ultra-high brilliance microfocus X-ray optics and two-dimensional detector HyPix-3000 by Yuji Shiramata
  • Introduction to single crystal X-ray analysis IX. Protein structure analysis and small molecule structure analysis by Akihito Yamano
  • Sample preparation for X-ray fluorescence analysis V. Fusion bead method—part 2: practical applications by Mitsuru Watanabe
  • Advantage of handheld Raman spectrometer with 1064 nm excitation in pharmaceutical raw material identification by Taro Nogami and Fumihito Muta
  • Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer ZSX Primus IV
  • Benchtop total reflection XRF spectrometer NANOHUNTER II
  • Automated dislocation evaluation software for X-ray topography images: Topography Analysis
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