RoboDesign's Desktop Minstrel Protein Imaging System to be Integrated at the University of Nottingham

RoboDesign's Desktop Minstrel Protein Imaging System to be Integrated at the University of Nottingham

Carlsbad, CA and The Woodlands, TX — July 8, 2004. RoboDesign International, Inc., through its worldwide marketing partner, Rigaku announced that the University of Nottingham has chosen the Desktop Minstrel™ as their protein crystal imaging and analysis platform. The Desktop Minstrel, a fully modular and expandable system, offers a perfect solution for academic institutions such as the University of Nottingham because it can be configured to meet a broad range of budget and performance requirements, from low-throughput research applications to ultra-demanding high-throughput drug discovery programs.

The Desktop Minstrel is part of RoboDesign's ever-expanding CrystalMation™ line of protein crystallization products. The Desktop Minstrel, an ultra-high resolution imaging system, can quickly and consistently image hanging, sitting, or microbatch drops in any plate type. As with all of the CrystalMation components, the Desktop Minstrel was designed to be expandable and modular, and can be expanded with a wide array of software tools and multiple plate storage and retrieval systems.

The University of Nottingham, known for their groundbreaking research and state of the art facilities and equipment, will be implementing the Minstrel I in September of 2004. The Desktop Minstrel, which offers the industry's highest resolution imaging system, tuned programmable lighting, and RoboDesign's patent-pending image processing method was specifically designed to address the unique challenges of protein crystal imaging. The Desktop Minstrel can quickly and consistently image hanging, sitting, or microbatch drops in any plate type and is designed for continual upgradeability, thereby ensuring that the system continues to have the most technological advanced imaging capabilities.

Dr. Jonas Emsley of the University of Nottingham states, "We anticipate that the Desktop Minstrelmaging system will considerably enhance our high throughput screening of crystallization drop experiments enabling us to progress more rapidly through to crystallographic structure determination."

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The University of Nottingham is an international community of students and staff dedicated to bringing out the best in all of their members. Their aim is to provide the finest possible environment for teaching, learning and research and they have an impressive track record of success across all areas. The University of Nottingham continues to outperform most UK Universities in independent measures of their research and teaching, and in 2003 they were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine and the Nobel Prize for Economic Science. The University of Nottingham is committed to providing an environment in which research can flourish, attracting £82 million in research awards last year. They are constantly upgrading and improving their services and facilities and investing in Nottingham's future.

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