Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. showcases latest instrumentation at AWA Global Release Liner Industry Conference & Exhibition

EDXRF technology from Rigaku is featured at the Global Release Liner Industry Conference & Exhibition in Chicago.

March 29, 2017, Rosemont, IL – Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. (ART) is pleased to announce its attendance at the 17th annual AWA Global Release Liner Industry Conference & Exhibition, taking place March 29- March 31, 2017 at the Hyatt Rosemont in Rosemont, Illinois.

A release liner is a paper or plastic-based film sheet, coated with a release agent typically applied during the manufacturing process, used to prevent a sticky surface from permanently adhering. The conference is presented by AWA (Alexander Watson Associates), a company that focuses on the specialty paper, film, packaging, coating and converting sector. It is the only conference dedicated to release liners, and brings together experts in their respective disciplines addressing the key issues and opportunities for the Release Liner Industry.

The event program features presentations and panel discussions by industry leaders, who will present the latest release liners and related technologies. The conference program will include discussions on current industry issues and new innovations, and provides up-to-date information on the market and its evolving platforms of opportunities. Accompanying the event program is a concurrent exhibition to present products to an international audience.
The ART division is presenting its line of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzers. Since the late 1980s, EDXRF has been employed to measure the silicone (Si) coating weight on pressure-sensitive adhesives for important consumer and industrial applications, from postage stamps to medical devices.

The Rigaku NEX QC Series of next generation advanced EDXRF analyzers enables rapid and precise measurement of very low silicone coating weights and metal catalysts in silicone coatings – as well as other types of metallic coatings and barriers – all with a single instrument. Difficult applications, that were either marginal or impossible with earlier technologies, are now workable.

Additional information about Rigaku EDXRF solutions for silicone coating thickness and composition analysis is available at

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