Compact two-dimensional CCD detector

X-ray and EUV detector

XSight™ Micron LC X-ray CCD camera

Rigaku XSight™ Micron LC is an ideal compact two dimensional (2D) X-ray CCD camera optimized for use in micron and submicron applications such as X-ray microscopy, X-ray tomography and metrology. The XSight™ Micron LC camera has a robust body preventing any scattered X-rays from hitting the CCD sensor directly and thus raising noise. The camera can be easily mounted via M6 threads on the bottom of the camera body.

The XSight™ Micron LC camera is a one package instrument. Data from the camera are transferred via high speed USB2.0. No additional electronics box, special computer board or water chiller is necessary. Just plug USB2.0 cable into your computer and start taking images! Intuitive software offers all basic tools. Upon request a vacuum version can be delivered. The spectral range sensitivity can be extended into the EUV range (≥ 50 eV).


  • Field of view:
    • from 0.90 mm (H) x 0.68 mm (V)
    • to 14.40 mm (H) x 10.80 mm (V)
  • Effective pixel size:
    According to selected field of view:
    • From: 0.27 µm to 4.4 µm
  • Number of pixels: 3300 x 2500
  • Spectral range: 3 keV – 30 keV
  • Dynamic range: 2800 : 1
  • Acquisition gain: 0.35 e-/ADU
  • Readout noise: 7.5 e- rms
  • Readout rate: approx. 3 frames per sec
  • Cooling capacity: ΔT = 55°C
  • Cooling temperature stability: 0.1°C
  • Dark current: 0.001 e-/pix./s @ -30°C
  • Binning: independent binning in x, y
  • Remote triggering: input / output trigger
  • Data interface: USB2.0


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