Alloy Composition & Metal Grade Verification

The KT-100 metals alloy analyzer meets the ever increasing demands of modern metal production, metals alloy analysis required for quality control and assurance at every stage during fabrication. The integration of LIBS technology with the most rugged handheld tool available means fab shops and others can now measure specific elements in aluminum, copper, and stainless with a tool that can withstand harsh shop environments.
Metal alloy analyzers with the ability to confirm alloy composition and metal grade verification are imperative to many industries. On-the-spot metal alloy analysis throughout the fabrication process and beyond is critical, as even the smallest component could have detrimental effects if the incorrect alloy composition or metal grade is used.

Fabricators no longer have to be afraid of having their employees use delicate metals analysis equipment with a short battery life that does not last more than a few hours. KT-100 handheld LIBS obtains faster results. You can easily use KT-100 to confirm alloy composition and metal grade verification on your loading dock at incoming receipt, during in-process manufacturing, welding, and final check – with an extended battery life of 6 hours!

Don’t risk a costly material mix-up by relying on a Mill Test Report or Mill Test Certificate.

KT-100 Metals Analyzer

KT-100 Katana metals analyzer was designed to integrate seamlessly into your fabrication process. Provide your team with an easy-to-use, smart-phone inspired, small and light weight device designed for one-handed operation for minimal operator fatigue. Features include a large onboard library and memory that can store over 4,000 measurements.

KT-100 metals analyzer offers unique benefits that have not been available for rapid metals analysis throughout the manufacturing process and beyond using handheld LIBS:

  • Results in seconds at the touch of 1 button
  • Less downtime with longest battery life
  • Only MIL STD 810G certified rugged handheld LIBS
  • Protection against dust with an IP-54 rating
  • GPS tracking
  • No argon purge required

Metals analysis using KT-100 handheld LIBS metals analyzer allows you to confirm alloy composition and metal grade verification at every step of your manufacturing process, so you don’t have to worry about a costly metal mix-up. Expand your metals analysis capabilities by upgrading your metals analyzer today!