PMI Testing

Petrochemical, petroleum and power plants have put more stringent positive material identification (PMI) and PMI testing programs in place to avoid disastrous tragic accidents and injuries, environmental damage and property loss. Catastrophic failures have been attributed to component or equipment failure due to incorrect alloy composition or the wrong metal grade with some parts being manufactured using sub-par alloys and counterfeit metals that do not meet specifications.

PMI tests are performed to confirm that components meet alloy composition and grade specifications for corrosion resistance, tolerance of extreme temperatures and processes, and other industrial requirements where metal components are mission critical. PMI testing includes both Retro-PMI for metal components installed within existing plants and also vendor qualification assessments or ongoing monitoring to ensure alloy quality.

Typical methods for PMI testing includes laboratory analysis which is costly and time consuming or handheld technology that is either too fragile or too slow to use in the typical plant environment. To address PMI test requirements and efficient PMI testing in challenging harsh scenarios, the KT-100 Katana handheld LIBS was designed to provide you with a new method for ensuring alloy composition.

By adding KT-100 as a PMI tester, you can now identify common alloy grades in seconds – at the pull of a trigger. To protect against dusty and harsh work environments, KT-100 handheld LIBS is MIL STD 810G and IP-54 certified durable. KT-100 Katana is more robust and less susceptible to fatigue and downtime all of which are extremely important factors for on and off-site PMI testing operations. Its GPS tracking and macro camera allow for instrument and sample tracking.

KT-100 PMI Analyzer

KT-100 Katana offers unique PMI testing benefits that until now have not been offered using handheld LIBS:

  • Results in less than seconds at the touch of 1 button
  • Less downtime with longest battery life
  • Only MIL STD 810G certified rugged handheld LIBS
  • Protection against dust with an IP-54 rating
  • GPS tracking
  • No argon purge required

Using KT-100, alloy grade and composition results are clearly displayed which include an element-by-element comparison for the identified alloy grade. Don’t risk costly material mix-ups by relying on Mill Test Reports or Mill Test Certificates. Expand your positive materials identification capabilities by upgrading your PMI testing device today!