Modern Scrap Metal Sorting

Scrap metal sorting is changing. As any recycler will report, traditional scrap metal sorting techniques are becoming outdated. At the same time, the volume of scrap received from a variety of sources has increased, fueling the demand for better tools to maximize scrap metal identification and profits. Ask any scrap yard owner or manager about the effects of inaccurate scrap metal identification to his or her business. With fluctuating metals prices, precise scrap metal sorting is more important than ever and could mean the difference between reselling aluminum at $.25/lb. vs. $1.25/lb.
Most handheld metal identification analyzers are inherently fragile and fail to rapidly identify light alloying elements. Old generation metal identification devices still have the same technological limitations, even when placed in a new shell. Recyclers simply can’t afford to not step into the new generation of scrap metal sorting.

KT-100 Katana handheld LIBS is the new generation rugged and efficient scrap metal sorting analyzer scrap yards want. It is the only handheld metal analyzer to pass rigorous United States military specified durability testing and achieve MIL- STD-810G and IP-54 certification. This means that KT-100 handheld LIBS can survive repeated drops from at least three feet, in addition to other mechanical shocks and environmental rigors. Easy to use, with results in seconds, Recyclers can now easily step into the new generation of scrap metal sorting.

Using KT-100, you can now rapidly sort metal grades you didn’t think possible:

  • Sort 1100, 6061, 6063 aluminum (Al) grades
  • Separate stainless steel scrap
  • Sort exotics that contain beryllium (Be)
  • Separate copper alloys

KT-100 Metal Tester

KT-100 Katana handheld LIBS is certified rugged metal tester for use in scrapyards. It is the smallest, lightest metal tester of its kind that in turn, increases the battery life. Katana utilizes a unique user-adjustable auto surface preparation, Drill-Down™ that helps remove dirt and contamination so you don’t have to. Designed to make scrap metal sorting more efficient, KT-100 Katana features a kick stand for easy placement. The adjustable screen optimizes your user’s view of the metal grade and element-by-element composition results. Take advantage of downtime with the included docking station which provides continuous charge and a secure storage location.

KT-100 metal tester provides unique scrap metal sorting benefits that until now have not been found in scrapyards using handheld LIBS:

  • Results in seconds at the touch of 1 button
  • Less downtime with longest battery life
  • MIL STD 810G certified rugged handheld LIBS
  • Protection against dust with an IP-54 rating
  • GPS tracking
  • No argon purge required

Scrap metal sorting with KT-100 handheld LIBS helps you maximize the way you sort. As an additional advantage, you don’t have to be concerned with radiation licensing requirements because this metal tester does not emit x-rays. Expand your scrap metal sorting capabilities today!