Positive Material Identification (PMI) of Metal Alloys using Handheld LIBS

applicationThis application presents precision data for 14 common alloys found in petro-chemical and power plants. Data generated is the average of 5 repeats of certifi ed reference standards from five Rigaku KT-100S analyzers. Metal alloys were chosen to test the analyzer’s capability across multiple matrices and alloy types.

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Today, alloy component traceability is more critical than ever. From petrochemical to power generation to aerospace, positive material identification (PMI) and verification programs can eliminate alloy mix-ups, improve product quality, and prevent injuries. PMI ensures that the specified alloy is used for every component, whether it has already been used in service or is just being introduced into service, is of the correct material. Parts made of the wrong alloy can corrode or wear more rapidly than expected when placed in service.