Foreign object X-ray inspection instrument

Metals checks in shoes, bags, general merchandise and apparel products by X-ray


Dual-screen display

Don't miss anything. The dual-screen display lets you see each part of the item you are inspecting with unparalleled clarity and contrast.

Two-person team inspection

Two inspectors simultaneously judging results means that you can expect a dramatic improvement inspection accuracy.

Easy-to-use control panel

Control panel at your fingertips provides easy -to-use, push-button operation.

Image 1
Don't miss anything with dual screen

High energy X-ray
High energy X-ray enable a broad range of inspection target (80 kV). Can be used for the inspection of thick metals, shoes soles etc.
Enlarged in-tunnel inspection area
L-shaped line sensor lets you see every area in the tunnels. No blind spots.
Enlarged tunnel size
Dramatically increased tunnel size (500 x 300 mm) makes it possible to inspect bags and other general merchandise.
Image 2Shoes, Bag, Boots


Tunnel size 500(W) × 300(H) mm
Tunnel width 400 mm
Belt speed 0.2 m/sec
Belt direction Right to left
Inspectable sample size 400(W) × 800(D) × 280(H) mm
Maximum weight 10 kg
Tube voltage 80 kV
Tube current 0.5 mA
X-ray penetration power 8 mm:Fe
Line sensor Single L-shaped sensor
OS WindowsXP
Software RV System Viewer
Hard disk 200 GB
Display 22" LCD Monitors
Size 1430(W) × 903(D) × 1200(H) mm (excluding monitor)
System weight 405 kg (excluding monitor)
Power supply Single-phase AC 220 V ± 10%; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1.2 kVA
Ambient noise Below 65 dB
X-ray leakage Below 1 µSv/h
Operating temperature 5~35°C
Operating humidity 20~80%RH (no condensation)
Standard accessories B&W laser or color inkjet printer, DVD multi-drive
Optional accessories Input/output table, label printer


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