Replicated optics for EUV and X-ray radiation

Custom designed optics of various shapes for EUV and X-ray facilities and laboratory sources

EUV replicated optics

The products of Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe (RITE) company, represent the cutting edge in the field of X-ray optics. RITE has outstanding capabilities in the ray-tracing, designing, manufacturing and testing of super smooth optics for EUV, XUV and X-ray radiation. Combination of extremely smooth optical surfaces with system building techniques is one of the key Rigaku technologies. Particularly, metal replication technologies (Au, Ni, etc.). X Optical group is based on decades of experience and includes leading researchers in the field of advanced X-ray optics in the Czech Republic.This group has developed various technologies for manufacturing of optics and many innovations in this field.

Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe manufactures rotationally symmetric aspheric X-ray optics. Rigaku offers standard types of mirrors together with custom designs which can be rapidly developed and manufactured (starting from quantity one).


Mirrors optimized for:
8 keV
Optical surface material:
Au, Ni, etc.
Grazing angle:
9.5 mrad at the mirror input (R≥ 50%)
Suitable radiation:
EUV (60 – 200 eV)
soft X-ray (200 – 2000 eV)
X-ray (2 – 10 keV)
Optical shape:
elliptical, parabolic, other aspherical shapes on request
Typical surface roughness:
Ra ≈ 0.5 – 2 nm
Typical dimensions:
diameter (D) 1 ÷ 100 mm
length (L) 10 ÷ 100 mm


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