d*TREK news

Version is available for downloading
May 2013

Rigaku is pleased to announce that the new improved d*TREK version is available for downloading now from our web site. Version has small changes to the dtdisplay program. Version has several enhancements and bug fixes over previous versions: it is easier to use, runs much faster because of new compilers, has improved algorithms (especially refinement, spot finding, integration, and scaling). As before, it also supports most image formats (IP, CCD, and PAD), including those from synchrotron beamlines.

For users with valid d*TREK software support/upgrade agreements, this new version is simple to download and install. Please update your contact information here.

For users without support agreements, please request a demo version of d*TREK.

After downloading the web site files, it should take less than two minutes to install. During or after installation, you may need to get license keys from Rigaku via e-mail. Your existing license keys will also work

Please read the release notes found in the file $DTREK_ROOT/bin/RELEASE.NOTES. A simple "how-to" guide to d*TREK, dtrek_overview99.pdf, can be found in $DTREK_ROOT/doc/MSWORD. It serves as a handy reference for both first-time and experienced users.

d*TREK is now supported for Linux, Solaris, and Mac/OSX platforms. If you need to purchase or renew software support/upgrades for your current platform or would like d*TREK for a different platform please contact Rigaku.

If you have any questions or comments, please send Jim e-mail or give Jim a call at (281) 362-2300 ext 116.

The d*TREK development team