Hybrid Photon Counting Detector


HPC detectors are direct-detection, single-photon counting devices that have essentially no noise and high sensitivity. The EIGER R series is the latest generation of HPC detectors from DECTRIS that feature auto-summation, which extends their digital counting ability up to 32-bits, or more than 4.2 billion counts, per pixel.

The EIGER R 4M (active area: 155.2 mm x 162.5 mm, rivaling that of CCDs and imaging plate detectors.) and EIGER R 1M (active area: 77.2 mm x 79.9 mm) combine exceptional data collection efficiency and resolving power. Moreover, the EIGER R detectors deliver these high count rates with continuous readout, achieving duty cycles greater than 99%. The EIGER R 1M and 4M detectors have small (75 μm) pixels with a single pixel point spread function to provide superior resolving power for reflections from samples with long unit cells, like macromolecules. In general, one can collect at sample-to-detector distances that are 20 - 30% shorter than those used for CCDs or PILATUS detectors.

Learn more about these detectors at the DECTRIS website.

  • EIGER R 1M
  • EIGER R 4M
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