Hybrid Photon Counting Detector


Rigaku Oxford Diffraction now offers the HyPix-6000HE Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector. Like all HPCs, the HyPix-6000HE offers direct X-ray photon counting, single pixel point spread function and extremely low noise. The 100 micron pixel size allows better resolution of reflections for long unit cells as well as improving reflection profile analysis. The HyPix-6000HE has a high frame rate of 100 Hz, as well as a unique Zero Dead Time mode providing the ultimate in error-free shutterless data collection.

The advantage of direct detection found in the Hypix-6000HE is that no phosphor is required and the size of the pixel determines the point spread function rather than the blooming that occurs on detectors with a phosphor. This means that reflections will be sharper and profile analysis will not require incorporating additional pixels to compensate for phosphor blooming leading to less experimental noise, such as air scatter, being incorporated into a reflection.

As opposed to monolithic detectors, such as CMOS-based CPADs, a hybrid detector separates the detection area from the read-out electronics. This means that the full area of a pixel is sensitive to incoming photons, with the charge being transmitted through an indium bump bond to a secondary readout pixel. In monolithic detectors, each pixel contains a detection area and an electronics area, with the electronics area being insensitive to incoming photons. Monolithic detectors used in crystallography often have a 30% dead area or detection-gap per pixel which occurs through the whole detector.

The HyPix-6000HE is the perfect detector for measuring diffraction from small and poorly diffracting samples due to the extremely low noise characteristics: you can count as long as you need to without the dark current or noise build up seen in other detectors. When your crystals diffract well, the high frame rate and Zero Dead Time mode mean that you can collect data extremely fast and accurately in a shutterless mode.

  • HyPix-6000
  • HyPix-6000
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  • Available with the XtaLAB Synergy range of diffractometers
  • Direct photon counting with no phosphor blooming
  • Single pixel point spread function
  • 100 μm x 100 μm pixel size
  • Extremely low noise
  • Frame rate of 100 Hz
  • Electronically gateable
  • Radiation tolerant design
Detector   HyPix-6000HE
Active area   77.5 mm x 80.0 mm
Dynamic quantum efficiency (Cu-Kα) > 98%
Dynamic range 31-bits
Counting rate per pixel 1 x 10⁶ X-ray photons/sec
Readout speed 0 ms in ZeroDeadTime mode
Maximum frame rate 100 Hz
Point-spread function 1 pixel
Cooling Air-cooled
Humidity control Not required
Pixel size 100 μm x 100 μm

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