Plate adapter for in-situ X-ray crystallography

Screen and collect diffraction data for your crystals directly from crystallization plates with the Rigaku PlateMate


The Rigaku PlateMate is a simple, inexpensive tool for rapid screening of crystals within crystallization plates. The PlateMate supports several different SBS format crystallization plates, though best results are observed using X-ray compatible plates. The PlateMate is quickly installed on Rigaku 4-circle AFC11 partial chi and non-inverted phi goniometers by virtue of the standard IUCr goniometer mount fitting. The plate slides on linear rails to bring the desired well position to the beam, then micrometers allow for fine adjustments to precisely center the desired crystal in the X-ray beam. With the PlateMate, you can detect whether you have protein versus salt crystals within minutes. Moreover, the PlateMate has a compact design so that you can collect X-ray diffraction data sets.

Diffraction image from a lysozyme crystal (0.1 mm x 0.1 mm x 0.2 mm) grown in an In Situ-1 thin film crystallization plate from MiTeGen. A 1 second exposure time was used on a Rigaku MicroMax-007 HF microfocus rotating anode generator with a PILATUS3 R 200K detector positioned 60 mm from the sample.

Read the open access Journal of Applied Crystallography article: A manual low-cost protein-crystallization plate jig for in situ diffraction in the home laboratory

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  • Allows for rapid screening of crystals within crystallization drops to identify protein crystals versus salt and detergent crystals.
  • Enables screening of crystals which deteriorate as soon as they are taken out of their crystallization environment
  • Supports several SBS format, X-ray compatible crystallization plates.
  • Simple, light and easy-to-use design.
  • Can be set up on a 4-circle goniometer within seconds.
  • The plate position is easily adjusted to screen crystals in any of the crystallization wells.
  • Micrometers allow for fine plate positioning so that even small crystals can be precisely centered into the beam.


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