Chemical identification products

Handheld and portable Raman spectrometers

Handheld Raman analyzer designed to be customizable and flexible for seamless integration into any work environment
    Progeny ResQ
The industry’s most comprehensive chemical detection range in a fast and simple handheld form
    Progeny X2
Battery operated Raman instrument equipped with a dual excitation configuration of 785 nm and 1064 nm

Handheld laser induced breakdown (LIBS) spectrometer

The latest in handheld metal analysis. designed for on-the-spot identification of the most difficult alloy grades.

Rigaku's new handheld instruments combine patented optics and proven spectral analysis techniques with state-of-the-art, low-cost Telecom-developed optical components, providing our customers with fast, economical, easy to use, handheld chemical identification and composition analyzers for explosives detection, including improvised explosive device (IED) detection; narcotics and other controlled substances detection and identification; counterfeit drug detection, food contaminant detection; and detection and identification of many other sample types; for homeland security; pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, wine, beer and agricultural feed quality assurance and quality control; medical diagnostics; petrochemical exploration and process control; forensics; archeometry; and many other applications.