Modern & Portable Laboratory

Today’s laboratories are being built and redesigned to promote workflow efficiency and not constrain workers and their activities. As technology continues to advance, large and outdated equipment is being replaced with smaller and more advanced instrumentation. Traditional benchtop units limit the flexibility of modern laboratories to adopt a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to data collection and analysis.

Ideal for use in your laboratory and with a small footprint, our handheld spectrometers provide dual operation as a mini-benchtop system (optional docking station for Progeny and Progeny ResQ) or a handheld analyzer at a price that is less than half of the average laboratory instrument.

  • Little to no sample prep
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • No chemical consumables or disposal hassle
  • Superior reporting

Expanding Chemistry Education

The adoption of lightweight, battery operated, portable and handheld analytical instruments is changing analysis by empowering professors, academic scientists and students to collaborate more effectively when conducting materials’ science research. By enabling ease of movement throughout lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories and across multiple lecture halls, classrooms and laboratories, portable and handheld analytical instrumentation is facilitating ground-breaking collaborations in the safety and security, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries.

Benefiting schools, teachers and most of all students, our instruments combine advanced technological capabilities into a small platform at a price that is lower than most lab-based equipment.