Expanded CBRNe Identification & Detection

Rapid and accurate CBRNe identification and detection is critical as emerging chemical and explosive threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The internet now provides easier access to materials and recipes used for manufacturing threats which is the leading cause of the evolved nature of threats. In addition, history has proven that criminals have discovered ways to evade detection devices to avoid getting caught. Now more than ever, incident response and mitigation teams risk their lives when facing suspicious packages and vehicles that may present an explosive threat.

It is therefore critical that all responders are equipped with the most current and advanced CBRNe identification and detection systems that enable rapid detection of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), improvised explosive devices (IED), home-made explosives (HME) and other credible threats on-scene in order to make life saving decisions and catch criminals without delays or uncertainty. Having a single device that simultaneously monitors at-scene chemical identification scans and alerts the user of a potential recipe for creating a more advanced threat truly expands incident response capabilities.

Progeny ResQ Chemical Detection System

Handheld Raman and FTIR are popular CBRNe detection systems. However, sample related issues like moisture or fluorescence interference can inhibit detection of impure or “Dirty” substances typically found in emerging threats. Because handheld Raman and FTIR are known detection technologies, criminals have found ways to “defeat the device.”

That was before Progeny ResQ handheld Raman with 4C Software.

Progeny ResQ 4C combines two essential threat mitigation capabilities, rapid positive chemical identification at the touch of a button and potential emerging threat alerts throughout the duration of the incident, providing trustworthy and reliable results that enable teams to make informed decisions with confidence.

  • Largest standard library including CWA, explosives and TICs/TIMs
  • MIL-STD-810G certified rugged for unpredictable harsh environments
  • Suitable for use while wearing M3-type protective suits
  • Simple navigation and single-handed use