Cutting Agent, Synthetics, & Narcotics Identification

The success of the worldwide fight against the illegal sale or use of controlled substances and narcotics is reliant on the ability of law enforcement and border protection professionals to perform rapid narcotics identification that provides actionable results. When criminal investigations are at stake there is no margin for error with the subjective results that some field testing kits provide for narcotics identification.

Designer drugs are entering the market at an alarming rate and are often difficult to detect using traditional methods. With the increasing circulation of methamphetamines, cocaine, MDMA (molly, ecstasy) and heroin accurate party drug identification is critical to preventing an increasingly negative impact on public health and safety around the globe.

Progeny ResQ Narcotics Identification System

With increasing reports of clandestine laboratories, evidence tampering and the wide-spread ramifications effecting criminal prosecution, law enforcement is under intensifying pressure and scrutiny to protect evidence chain of custody. Not only does Progeny ResQ handheld Raman perform rapid narcotics identification including street drugs and other substances that other devices cannot, the onboard camera enhances evidence documentation that is stored with the analysis result. As an added bonus, the onboard 4C technology reduces reliance on resources during clandestine lab investigations by calculating the at-scene substance scans to indicate the potential preparation of a specific illicit drug.

***Important Note: Because Progeny ResQ contains an onboard library of over 12,000 substances, your team is better equipped to accurately identify a variety of substances. Devices providing limited and/or narcotics only libraries can fail to communicate other threats encountered in the field like an explosive white powder which could result in a potentially more dangerous situation.