Qualitative analysis of sunscreen lotion

In the case of liquid samples, or samples comprised of fine powder, the sample surface must be covered in order to prevent solvent evaporation or scattering of fine particles. Two types of sunscreen lotion were measured by mounting a liquid sample holder to a benchtop X-ray diffractometer.

Measurements and Results

Fig. 1 shows a photo of the liquid sample holder filled with sunscreen lotion.
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Fig. 1: Sunscreen lotion (left) and liquid sample holder filled with sunscreen lotion (right)

Fig. 2 shows qualitative analysis results for two types of sunscreen. The main component of both lotions is zinc oxide, but it is evident that the sunscreen lotion from Company A (PA+++) contains talc, and the sunscreen lotion from Company B (PA++++) contains titanium oxide.

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Fig. 2: Qualitative analysis results on components contained in two types of sunscreen lotion

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