Non-destructive failure analysis

For industrial samples, quality control or failure analysis is vital to future product improvements. This polypropylene coated metal sample failed quality control tests due to poor coating adhesions. A section of the coating was removed and the entire sample was inserted in the MiniFlex for testing.


The answer was rust! A thick layer of corrosion was forming between the metal substrate and the polypropylene.


Non-destructive failure analysis is one of the benefits of X-ray diffraction.

The fifth generation MiniFlex is a general purpose X-ray diffractometer that can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of polycrystalline materials. The MiniFlex is available in two variations. Operating at 600 watts (X-ray tube), the MiniFlex 600 is twice as powerful as other benchtop models, enabling faster analysis and improved overall throughput. Running at 300 watts (X-ray tube), the new MiniFlex 300 does not require an external heat exchanger. Each model is engineered to maximize flexibility in a benchtop package. Read more...

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