Validating minting ages of coins

XRD can be used to validate minting ages of coins. A 2005 US penny has a zinc metal core and a combination Cu/Nickel alloy coating. Before 1986, the US pennies were comprised entirely of a copper and zinc alloy. When looking at the diffraction patterns from a MiniFlex in the figures it can be seen that no zinc core was discovered in the 1985 penny.



MiniFlexNew sixth generation MiniFlex X-ray diffractometer (XRD) is a multipurpose analytical instrument that can determine: phase identification and quantification, percent (%) crystallinity, crystallite size and strain, lattice parameter refinement, Rietveld refinement, and molecular structure. It is widely used in research, especially in material science and chemistry, as well as in industry for research and quality control. It is the newest addition to MiniFlex series of benchtop X-ray diffraction analyzers from Rigaku, which began with the introduction of the original MiniFlex system decades ago. Read more about Rigaku's MiniFlex...

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