SmartLab Studio II

New integrated software package for SmartLab systems

One-stop software package for both measurements and analyses

SmartLab Studio II is a new software package that integrates all the measurements and analyses you need on the SmartLab. You can focus on your X-ray analysis without wasting time, since the start-up time of SmartLab Studio II and the number of logins are minimized. Just one click switches from measurement to analysis. You can also watch scans from one experiment in real-time while simultaneously analyzing other data on the same desktop by selecting an appropriate layout.


User Guidance

User Guidance, which incorporates the acquired knowledge and experience of Rigaku application scientists, will lead you to the absolute best data. It selects the best optics for each application and performs the optics alignment automatically. User Guidance then automatically aligns the sample and generates the necessary measurement conditions, even for complicated measurements. A Package, which is an automated measurement sequence, has all the information that the measurement requires. Some Packages for hardware maintenance are preinstalled so users won't have to perform manual optics alignment or detector adjustment after changing sealed tubes, for example. And users can create their own Packages , which can be saved for future use at any time.


Most analysis conditions are determined by SmartLab Studio II based on the loaded data, so novice users can obtain as good analysis results as possible. Furthermore, SmartLab Studio II prepares various parameters and enables you to set more detailed conditions than before, which will satisfy advanced-level users. Since SmartLab Studio II is an integrated software package, basic software features like user administration, materials database, etc. are completely unified. This minimizes the time needed to learn how to use the software. Sophisticated features, such as new graphics and report creation, are also easy to master, and will strongly support you in evaluating your analysis results, preparing attractive presentations, and so forth.

Database and network licensing

Measurement data and analysis results are stored in a database that comes equipped with powerful utilities for data retrieval, data browsing, data backup, etc. This is especially beneficial when managing the large numbers of huge data images obtained using a 2D detector. And now a network license is available for SmartLab Studio II. If a lot of users use the same SmartLab system, the management of a large number of data can easily be centralized by using both database and network licensing.

Graphite/Graphene Analytical Index; GG Index

The GG Index is an analytical tool for the characterization and identification of graphite-based carbon materials.

Target materials: natural graphite, artificial graphite and carbon black from petro or coal derivatives, expanded graphite, graphite/graphene oxides, graphene intermediates, graphene, etc.

Required system: SmartLab (9 kW), automated multi-purpose X-ray diffractometer

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