Rapid X-ray stress analyzer

Non-destructive measurement of residual stress using X-rays


Rigaku’s SSD-MSF is an X-ray stress analyzer equipped with the D/teX Ultra1000 1D semiconductor detector which uses X-rays to non-destructively measures the residual stress accumulated in a material during the manufacturing process. The auto Z-axis stand enables measurement of samples large and small with simple operation. This stress analysis instrument has twenty times faster measurement speed than that of scintillation counters and twice that of position-sensitive proportional counters (PSPCs).

High-sensitivity, high-energy resolution, one-dimensional semiconductor detector D/teX Ultra1000

The D/teX Ultra1000 provides profiles with high peak to background ratio and detection efficiency of 1.7 times higher than conventional PSPCs.

Any sample size from large structures to small samples

The auto Z-axis stand expands the measurable sample size up to 1100 mm in height and up to 530 mm in arm length.

A variety of sample types

Thanks to the wide 2θ scanning range from 120° to 170° and interchangeable X-ray tubes, the SSD-MSF covers all types of samples from metal to ceramics.

Safety design

Multiple fail-safe functions ensure the safety during sample setting by preventing accidental X-ray generation. Optionally, radiation enclosure is also available.

Auto mapping measurement & analysis using the automated XYZ stage (optional) and Teaching function

The automated XYZ stage enables users to specify any measurement position (X, Y, and Z). Measurement and analysis conditions are changeable at each measurement point. Using the teaching function, this stage also performs as a sample changer when several samples are placed on it.


  • Fast, sensitive detector
  • Accommodates small to large sample sizes
  • Automated sample stage
  • Wide 2θ scanning range


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