Rietveld refinement of the doped lanthanum fluoride (EuLaF3) lattice

Doped and pure lanthanum fluoride (LaF3) is an important material that finds applications in electrodes, fluorescent lamps, fiber optics and radiation applications. Europium doped LaF3 is also used as an ion-specific fluoride detecting electrode in solutions.

These applications may require a careful study of unit cell of this material for a very specific application. Figure 1 and 2 show the Rietveld refinement and results of the refinement of Eu doped LaF3 material using the data collected on Rigaku's Ultima IV multipurpose diffraction system.

Rietveld refinement
Figure 1

Results of the refinement
Figure 2

Ultima IVThe Ultima IV represents the state-of-the-art in multipurpose X-ray diffraction (XRD) systems. Incorporating Rigaku's patented cross beam optics (CBO) technology for permanently mounted, permanently aligned and user-selectable parallel and focusing geometries, the Ultima IV X-ray diffractometer can perform many different measurements...fast. Read more about Rigaku's Ultima IV...

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