Sulfur in Automotive Fuels with Mini-Z Sulfur (ASTM D2622) - 1035

This application note demonstrates that Mini-Z Sulfur Analyzer can meet the requirements of ASTM D2622-10.



Recent developments in ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel has improved fuel efficiency and created cleaner exhaust gas and permitted limit of sulfur in fuel oils has been decreased to 10 or 15 ppm as the limit in most countries. There is a strong possibility that these regulations can become even more severe.

For compliance verification, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry is the definitive analysis tool for use at distribution terminal, as well as mobile or stationary testing laboratories.

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Mini ZA series of compact benchtop wavelength dispersive XRF analyzers, the Mini-Z series of analyzers are designed for analyzing specific single elements. Since the optics are optimally configured to a particular element, this series allows for high precision and low detection limits. Mini-Z can be configured as a Si analyzer (e.g., for coated Si on paper or plastic), an Al analyzer (e.g., for coated Al on paper or plastic), a Ni analyzer, (e.g., for Ni coating or plating), a Cl analyzer, a P analyzer (e.g., biofuels) or a Zr analyzer (e.g., for Zr coating). Read more about Mini-Z...

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