Analysis of ULSD

This Application Note details performance for the measurement of sulfur in ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel) using the Rigaku NEX CG EDXRF analyzer.



Regulations around the world have limited the amount of sulfur in various fuel oils with particular attention to diesel fuel. For many years road diesel has been limited to a maximum sulfur concentration between 10-15 ppm, depending on the region. Now these limits are expanded to all diesel fuel, including use in large engines and off-road diesel engines. In many regions ULSD is also mandated for use as a starter fuel or for back-up electricity generation in coal-fired power plants and nuclear power plants. Regulations limiting sulfur concentration affects all levels of the petroleum industry around the world, from the price of crude oil, to blending and refining, pipelines, transportation and storage, as well as product QC at the refinery level and as fuel is delivered to the pump. A fast, reliable method of measuring and monitoring sulfur concentration all throughout the petroleum industry is of vital importance.

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