Lubricating Oil Analysis by WDXRF According to ASTM D6443-04

This application note demonstrates quantitative analysis for lubricating oil according to ASTM D6443-04 on Rigaku ZSX Primus, a wavelength-dispersive XRF spectrometer.



Lubricating oil is given functional properties for specific purposes by mixing additives with base oil. Therefore, it is very important to control concentrations of additive elements in production plants of lubricating oil.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry has been used for quantitative analysis of additive elements such as Mg, P and Zn in lubricating oil owing to high precision and simple sample preparation of XRF analysis. In the XRF analysis of lubricating oil, a sample is simply poured into a liquid cell, and any complicated treatment such as chemical decomposition or dilution is not required.

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