Advanced SQX Analysis by Scatter FP Method - 1036

This application note introduces some applications by the SQX Scatter FP method.



Semi-quantitative analysis by the Fundamental Parameter (FP) method is a unique and powerful method for elemental screening of materials. In the FP calculation, the program requires principally the information of all elements included in a specimen for analysis. This requirement is not convenient when the specimen contains large amount of ultra-light elements from hydrogen to oxygen, which are difficult to determine accurately or non-measureable elements on X-ray spectrometry.

In 2005, Rigaku developed a new method to estimate an average atomic number for non-measured elements from hydrogen to oxygen in a specimen using the intensities of scattered X-rays and applied the estimation to the semi-quantitative FP calculation (SQX) as a balance component.

The successfully advanced SQX method using scattering intensities, the SQX Scatter FP method becomes available for oxide powders on the newly developed benchtop XRF spectrometer, Supermini200.
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SuperminiThe new Supermini200 has improved software capabilities as well as a better footprint. As the world's only high-power benchtop sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer for elemental analysis of oxygen (O) through uranium (U) of almost any material, the Rigaku Supermini200 uniquely delivers low cost-of-ownership (COA) with high resolution and lower limits-of-detection (LLD). Read more about Rigaku's Supermini200...

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