Advanced handheld Raman spectrometer

Material identification


From the evolution of handheld spectroscopy comes Progeny, the first handheld Raman analyzer designed to be customizable and flexible for seamless integration into any work environment. Now you can perform lab-quality analysis of the widest range of solids, powders, liquids, and other substances to ensure consumer safety around the globe.

Raman for streamlining your material ID workflow

Progeny provides the power of Raman spectroscopy in a handheld form with no compromises. Users are empowered to choose the complexity of the task at hand. Progeny’s unique software design provides articulate communication of a simple PASS/FAIL decision or more detailed analysis results — for a variety of applications in the lab, in the field or wherever data is needed.

1064 nm laser for superior Raman performance

At Progeny’s core is an advanced miniature VPG-based 1064 nm optical engine offering benchtop quality analytical performance in a rugged, ergonomic and IP-68 sealed enclosure. Progeny’s fully customizable workflow software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and boasts a smartphone inspired user interface (UI), shortening the learning curve, allowing rapid implementation of material ID methods, and significantly improving return on investment.

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By integrating Progeny into the development of new applications or adapting it to current
workflows, you can expect the ability to:

  • Accurately analyze your materials through packaging
  • Minimize the learning curve with a smartphone inspired interface
  • Increase confidence in your material ID
    with unparalleled sensitivity
  • Measure a wide range of materials with interference-free data
  • Expand your data transfer flexibility (LIMS, wireless, and docking station)
Mode of Operation
Handheld, or benchtop using optional docking station
Efficiently identify raw materials at the point of need
29.9cm x 8.1cm x 7.4cm
(11.8in x 3.2in x 2.9in)
Allows for single-hand operation
~1.6kg (3.5lbs)
Graphical User Interface
Touchscreen and softkeys
Smartphone-inspired or protective gloves operation to fit any environment need
Protection Rating
Minimizes cross-contamination risk and allows outdoor operation
> 5 hrs
Long-lasting charge with options for a recharger or docking station for 24/7 operation
Measurement Accessories
Adjustable focus nose cone, multiple size vials adaptor    
Best results and confidence from a variety of packaging materials and sample shapes
Excitation Wavelength
1064 nm
Measure typical Raman detectable materials plus materials that cannot be detected at lower excitation wavelengths, due to fluorescence interference
Output Power and Exposure Time
30-490 mW adjustable laser excitation power, 5 ms to 30 s adjustable exposure time
Allows for customization of analysis parameters to obtain most accurate analysis of your specific materials
Spectral Range
200 - 2500 cm⁻¹
Covers the most relevant molecular information spectral features for material ID
Spectral Resolution
8 - 11 cm⁻¹ (FWHM)
High resolution reveals minor differences in similar materials
Grating Technology
Transmissive volume phase grating
Robust design for years of alignment-free operation
Spectral Efficiency
> 90 %
High sensitivity, fast analysis
512 pixels, TE cooled InGaAs
High resolution results
Local Control
Ultrafast quad-core processor; Bluetooth®, WiFi wireless, USB. High contrast, high resolution
touch screen
Flexible operation: manual use by touch screen and large buttons or remote operation by PC or tablet using Bluetooth®  or wireless
Material ID Algorithm
Wavelets-based, patent pending, for RMID and mixtures. HQI and pValue   
Increases confidence in material ID with unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy
Quantitative Analysis
On-board chemometrics  package (optional) including development and prediction mode
Extends usability to provide mixture analysis of semi-finished and finished products
Included Standard Library    
Pharmaceuticals and chemicals validated spectra
User-Created Library
On-board database of your materials, rapid addition of new materials to your custom library
User Created Workflows and Reports
Fully customizable to fit your needs
Electronic Records and Signature 
Compliance with pharmacopoeia and regulatory requirements
Barcode Supported
Yes, linear and 2D built-in camera
Error free sample information entry
Scan Delay
Yes, user defined
Increase spectral quality consistency between operators
FDA 1040, 21 CFR, CE

External Battery Supply
100 ~ 240 VAC / +24 VDC

Operating Temperature
-20 to 50°C

24 months

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