RESE MiniFlex training

MiniFlex training: General Scope

This course addresses the basic operation in terms of hardware and software for the MiniFlex benchtop XRD instrument. The training is based on hands-on solving of example problems in order to illustrate a range of XRD techniques. Starting from basic general purpose powder X-ray diffraction right through to advanced WPPF (Whole Powder Pattern Fitting) and Rietveld analysis using the PDXL software. Previous experience in powder X-ray diffraction is required. Persons attending the training should expect to leave the course with a basic working knowledge of both the MiniFlex hardware and PDXL software. Some of the specific topics covered are outlined below.

Rigaku will provide the training venue, printed training notes, light refreshments and a course certificate upon completion. Persons attending the training are strongly advised to bring their own personal computer and software dongle for PDXL which is required to run the software. On the 3rd day time has been scheduled to measure your own sample on the MiniFlex. You may bring a maximum of 2 samples with you for analysis.

Who Should Attend

Operators, engineers, research scientists and university students in university and operators of the MiniFlex diffractometer supplied by Rigaku.

Course Agenda

Day 1
Introduction RESE and participants (45 min)
Seminar Part 1 – Basics of powder X-ray diffraction (45 min)
Seminar Part 2 – XRD instrumentation, sample preparation (45 min)
Sample preparation in the laboratory (45 min)
"Hands on MiniFlex" – practical basic usage Part 1
(Guidance software, D/teX, ASC-6, Al2O3 and other test samples) (1 h)
Seminar Part 3 – PDXL Basic and Qualitative, installation/ upgrade of the software if necessary

Day 2
Seminar Part 4 – Experimental XRD, measurement conditions (30 min)
"Hands on MiniFlex" – practical usage Part 2 (30 min) /(SC vs. D/teX, K beta Filter, Monochromator)
"Hands on MiniFlex" – practical usage Part 3 (1 h 30 min)
(D/teX XRF reduction mode, different conditions, transmission/reflection, instrument alignment, HyPix-400 (measurements in 0D, 1D and 2D modes)
Seminar Part 5 – Rietveld method (1 h)
"Hands on PDXL" - PDXL Comprehensive Analysis, Crystallinity (2 h)

Day 3
"Hands on PDXL" – Rietveld analysis (1 h 45 min) /Theory and measurement conditions
Seminar Part 6 – PDXL quantitative phase analysis (1 h 30 min)
PDXL – Refine your own data (1 h 30 min) Summary and closing

Note: During training course, the latest version of software for instrument control and analysis software that is available on the market is used. Therefore, details of the operation might be different from your environment. Our trainers are more than happy to discuss the operations on your version of the software. In such a case, you are advised to bring your personal computer with software installation and software dongles along with you.