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Rigaku to Feature X-Ray Analytical Instrumentation at 2017 Ceramics Expo

Rigaku is presenting its latest analytical X-ray solutions for the ceramics industry at the 2017 Ceramics Expo in Cleveland

April 18, 2017 – Cleveland, OH. Rigaku Corporation is pleased to announce its attendance at the 2017 Ceramics Expo, taking place April 25-27 at the International Exposition Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Rigaku is presenting its current line of analytical X-ray instrumentation at booth #413.

Ceramics Expo is the world's largest annual free-to-attend conference for the application and manufacturing processes of technical ceramic and glass materials. The 2017 conference is specially designed for engineers and decision makers from the automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, industrial, energy, and communication industries.

X-ray analytical equipment is routinely used in the production and testing of ceramic materials and components. X-ray scattering is a powerful tool in the determination of the structure of materials and is used in the ceramic industry to examine the phase composition of bulk materials, thickness and perfection of thin films, and residual stress and texture of composites.

Among the analytical instrumentation to be represented is the Rigaku SmartLab X-ray diffraction system. Designed for the structural analysis of advanced materials and thin films, the SmartLab system combines flexible instrument geometry with a comprehensive knowledge-based software platform.

Applications for X-ray analytical techniques exist across a range of ceramic disciplines, from basic research and process development to QC/QA analyses for materials production. Materials analysis technologies from Rigaku include X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS).

For further information, contact:

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