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New SmartLab® XRD Introduced

New Rigaku SmartLab® XRD Introduced

Horizontal Sample Mount X-Ray Diffractometer for Thin Film Materials

The Woodlands, TX — July 12, 2005. Rigaku today introduced a new state-of-the-art horizontal sample mount X-ray diffractometer for thin film materials. This new SmartLab system features advanced software that allows users with any level of expertise to perform advanced measurements. SmartLab was designed to enable R&D of advanced thin film materials such as: organic EL films for flexible displays, GaN epitaxial films for blue laser, and next generation magnetic films for ultra high density magnetic recording media.

Intelligent automation is at the heart of the new SmartLab design. The Guidance™ software engine is used to automate all processes—from the setting and aligning the optics to sample measurements. This new intelligent software is programmed with various analysis techniques and know-how that make advanced measurements, such as film thickness, texture, and pore/particle size analyses, easy for all users. The Guidance software suggests the best optical configuration for each application, checks the hardware settings, and runs an automatic alignment. Thus, even novices to the XRD technique can successfully operate SmartLab.

For superior performance, SmartLab employs a new rotating anode X-ray generator that is specifically optimized for the optics and geometries, allowing SmartLab to achieve three times higher intensity than current products while cutting power consumption by 50% (from 18kW to 9kW). In addition, the world's first high-resolution horizontal sample mount geometry has the benefit of preventing either bending or bowing of the sample, and is thus ideal for measurements of large wafers while making sample handling trivial. The system can handle samples up to 8" φ and 4" φ XY mapping is also available. Finally, SmartLab features an ergonomic design that simplifies sample mounting while the use of direct connection attachments greatly reduces the presence of cabling.

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