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  • Ultra-high-speed CT scan and image reconstruction
  • High-resolution wide field-of-view measurement
  • Incorporating the “Sample-Stationary Method”
  • Low running cost

Stationary sample, high-speed X-ray CT scanner

Computed tomography (CT) for materials science

Introducing the CT Lab GX series of X-ray imaging instruments for ultra-high-speed, high-resolution 3D X-ray micro CT. Using the Sample-Stationary Method, these new devices can perform CT scans in 8 seconds at top speed, with a minimum resolution of 4.5 μm.

High resolution 3D CT

The CT Lab pursues high-speed, high-resolution, and quick sample-mounting in order to be used for R&D purposes as well as at production sites. The field-of-view and resolution can be selected at will to observe even fine structures. The maximum number of pixels is 8000×8000. High-definition 3D observation is possible at the highest level compared with other products in the same class. The maximum diameter of a measurement subject is 72 mm×36 mm. After the wide field-of-view imaging, the image of fine structure can be reconstructed in details by specifying the ROI area in the newly incorporated “wide view imaging function".

Live mode for in-situ imaging

A 2D high-resolution Live mode with recording function is integrated to allow usage as an even faster computed radiography. The distinctive feature of this mode is that the structural change of the subject can be observed under in-situ in real time. This feature is effective for observing the change in battery cells during charge and discharge, status of cooling water hose when liquid flows through, or for measurement of structural change while heating. The observation result can be recorded so the scene when the change occurred can be checked afterwards. Note that since the power supply cable and hoses of the measurement subject can be wired outside the equipment through the insertion port on the side area, the power of the measurement subject can be turned on and off even while the measurement is in progress.

Two variations: GX90 and GX130

Two models are available: the low-powered CT Lab GX90, suited for observation of subjects such as resins, and the high-powered CT Lab GX130, suited for subjects more difficult to transmit X-ray beams such as metals.

Low running cost

The equipment operates by 100 V power supply, and cooling water is unnecessary. The equipment has casters to make it easy to move within factories and warehouses. X-ray radiation safety officer is unnecessary to operate this equipment.

Product name CT Lab GX
Technique X-ray computed tomography scanner
Benefit Ultra-high-speed, high-resolution 3D X-ray micro CT
Technology X-ray source with flat panel detector
Core attributes Perform CT scans in 8 seconds at top speed, with a minimum resolution of 4.5 μm
Core options 90 kV or 130 kV X-ray source
Computer External PC, MS Windows® OS, 
Core dimensions 980 (W) x 1535 (H) x 963 (D) (mm)
Mass (core unit) 450 kg
Power requirements Varies with configuration

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