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Safety and Security

Industry: Safety and Security

Safety and security threat analysis continuously evolves as threats continue to emerge. First responders, law enforcement professionals, customs agencies, and the military play a critical role in protecting communities. Whether it is securing our borders from illegal drug trafficking to repopulating a neighborhood after a possible CBRNE attack to keeping dangerous synthetic opioids off our streets, safety and security personnel put their lives on the line every day for the greater good.

Law Enforcement

Synthetic drugs, such as fentanyl, are entering the street market at an alarming rate. The success of the worldwide fight against the illegal sale or use of controlled substances and narcotics is reliant on the ability of law enforcement agencies to perform rapid narcotics identification that provides actionable results. When criminal investigations and officer safety are at stake there is no margin for error with the subjective results that some field testing kits provide for narcotics identification.

Hazmat / First Responders

The accessibility of hazardous and dangerous chemicals makes the job of a hazmat team that much more difficult. When responding to the “unknown,” a first responder may face something as simple as an unlabeled household cleaner that is giving off a suspicious odor to a powder that actually serves as a dangerous explosive precursor. Being exposed to such a large range of threats, means the actions of a first responder can have a direct impact on public health and safety.

Military / EOD

Terrorist groups have been known to use chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to cause mass destruction. Military operation missions provide defense against these chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosion (CBRNE) threats. Their accurate and timely response to these dangerous scenarios is an enormous task.

Border Patrol / Homeland Security

Protecting borders from the illegal trafficking of controlled substances involves many agencies. Suspicious packages, vehicles, and travelers are inspected using a variety of tools and methods to identify, diagnose, and disrupt suspected or real threats.

Transportation Security

Airports, air carriers and security operators worldwide require advanced technology to equip them to rapidly counter emerging and evolving threats to aviation and other modes of transportation. As new security measures are implemented, the need for cutting-edge and robust analytical tools are needed to increase security and support flexible screening operations.



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The Rigaku portfolio of handheld Raman analyzers are the tools of choice for many safety and security applications

Rigaku handheld Raman analyzers are the tools of choice for many safety and security applications