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The composition, structure, properties, behavior and changes substances undergo during a reaction with other substances or in different environmental conditions are important material characteristics. Element analysis of the main components and trace elements can be performed with X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), and crystal structure determination and phase analysis and quantification are studied with X-ray Diffraction (XRD) in your lab or fab. X-ray analysis examines powders, solids, liquids, pastes, films or single crystals. Rigaku offers a wide range of solutions for both academic research and industrial applications for any composition and type of structural information obtainable by X-rays: XRD (X-ray Diffraction) in combination with DCS, CT (Computed Tomography), SAXS (Small Angle X-ray Scattering), WAXS (Wide Angle X-ray Scattering), XRR (X-ray Reflectivity), and XRT (X-ray Topography).


Rigaku recommends the following systems:

Small Molecule

Our most popular diffractometer for chemical crystallography, configured with either single or dual microfocus sealed tube X-ray sources and an extremely low noise direct X-ray detection detector.

A benchtop single crystal X-ray diffractometer ideal for self-service crystallography and teaching.

A modern single crystal X-ray diffractometer for structural analysis of small molecule samples configured with microfocus sealed tube technology and a direct X-ray detection detector.

An extremely high-flux rotating anode X-ray diffractometer specifically configured for measuring difficult samples.

A dual-wavelength, extremely high-flux, rotating anode X-ray diffractometer specifically configured for measuring difficult samples as well as providing versatility through multiple wavelengths.

User-inspired data collection and data processing software for small molecule and protein crystallography

A bespoke, extremely high-flux diffractometer with custom enclosure and the flexibility to utilize both ports of the rotating anode X-ray source.

Automated tool for performing in situ crystallography experiments on existing X-ray diffractometers


New 6th-generation general purpose benchtop XRD system for phase i.d and phase quantification

Advanced state-of-the-art high-resolution XRD system powered by Guidance expert system software

Highly versatile multipurpose X-ray diffractometer with built-in intelligent guidance

High-performance, multi-purpose XRD system for applications ranging from R&D to quality control


Automated tool for performing in situ crystallography experiments on existing X-ray diffractometers

Automated crystal transport, orientation and retrieval robot

A versatile and high-flux dual-wavelength (DW) X-ray diffractometer with an HPC X-ray detector for multipurpose diffraction experiments

The smallest detachable motorized goniometer head on the market


Extremely low noise, air-cooled X-ray detector based on direct X-ray detection technology.

2D X-ray detector with latest semiconductor technology designed for home lab diffractometers

A unique curved single crystal X-ray diffraction detector based on direct X-ray detection technology with the highest 2θ range at a single position available for the home lab.


Single wavelength Confocal Max-Flux (CMF) optics for single crystal diffraction


The following applications are relevant to this industry

Small Molecule