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Real-time analysis and display function using SmartLab Studio II

Summer 2018, Volume 34, No. 2
Takahiro Kuzumaki and Aya Ogi

X-ray diffractometry is widely used in R&D and quality control to investigate the crystal structure of materials. It has a diverse range of application, and is used not only for qualitative and quantitative analysis of powder samples, but also to evaluate the aggregate structure of metal materials, analyze the crystal orientation of thin-film samples, and so forth. Previously, individual analysis programs were developed for each measurement and evaluation technique. Multiple applications had to be launched to finish evaluation, and the operation process could be complicated.

The integrated X-ray diffraction software suite SmartLab Studio II solves this problem by combining measurement and analysis functions into a single program. These functions are built on a common platform, which enables consistent and easy execution of tasks such as data display, data transfer when starting analysis, and creation of reports of analysis results. Also, software startup time and the number of logins are minimized, and thus the workflow for the user is greatly improved.

Furthermore, SmartLab Studio II ver. 4 adds a real-time analysis function for simultaneously performing qualitative and quantitative analysis during measurement, and a real-time display function for pole figure and reciprocal space mapping measurement. The following provides details on real-time analysis, and presents examples of measurement.


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