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Summer 2022, Volume 38, No. 2


Summer 2022, Vol. 38, No. 2

Quantification analysis of cement materials

Atsushi Ohbuchi, Takahiro Kuzumaki, Miki Kasari and Tetsuya Ozawa

X-ray diffractometry is widely used for quality control and process control in cement. This article presents an accurate and precise quantification method for free lime in a clinker material and an accurate quantification method of the admixtures in a blended cement. The partial accumulation measurement was used to make a...

Three-dimensional modeling for complex structures based on small-angle X-ray scattering

Tomoyuki Iwata

Three-dimensional real-space modeling for hierarchical materials by matching experimental and simulated small-angle X-ray scattering patterns is proposed. The positional arrangements of small primary particles in the cell are estimated by the reverse Monte Carlo modeling and the simulated SAXS patterns are derived from these models. This modeling has been applied...

Compact X-ray Diffractometer MiniFlex XpC

X-ray diffraction (XRD) has traditionally been utilized mainly in the R&D field. Recently, however, opportunities to use XRD in the QA/QC field are increasing since the XRD technique has become easier to use with the popularization of desktop X-ray diffractometers and high-speed 1D semiconductor strip detectors (1D SSD). Rigaku has...