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Making high speed, high resolution measurements using MiniFlex II + D/teX Ultra

Winter 2011, Volume 27, No. 1
Yukiko Namatame

The MiniFlex II benchtop XRD system is widely used in a variety of fields. Its small size, high angular performance and dependable design lend it the flexibility necessary for this range application. Over time, our users have started to place higher demands on the system. There has been diversification in the types of samples being measured, and laws and regulations have changed. For example, in asbestos analysis, it is necessary to detect trace phases of crystal in a short time. In order to respond to these requirements, Rigaku has made it possible to use the D/teX Ultra with the MiniFlex II. D/teX Ultra is a high-speed, one-dimensional X-ray detector that enables the MiniFlex II to perform high speed/high intensity measurement, obtaining higher angular and energy resolutions than previously possible. Using the D/teX Ultra, users can collect high quality data in a short time. This report details these new capabilities and provides examples of how they have been applied.


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