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3D X-ray micro CT - CT Lab HX

Winter 2019 Volume 35, No. 1

Recently, products development, failure analysis of electronic devices and quality control requirements has increased demand for X-ray CT 3D image viewing analysis. Powerful CPUs and GPUs have greatly improved computer processing throughput for this technique.

Rigaku has been contributing to the fields of drug discovery and development, preclinical testing, and animal diagnosis since releasing a 3D X-ray micro CT for laboratory animals in 2006 and a CT for animal hospitals in 2013. In 2015, Rigaku launched both the “nano3DX” sub-micron-level resolution X-ray microscope and the “CT Lab GX” industrial materials analysis 3D X-ray micro CT. Since then, Rigaku has been providing nondestructive 3D materials structure analysis solutions and failure/dislocation analysis solutions for electronic devices, resins, and so on.

“CT Lab HX” is a benchtop 3D X-ray micro CT for wide FOV (Field of view) and high-resolution imaging and more, developed by taking advantage of Rigaku’s unique CT engineering experience developing 3D X-ray micro CT instruments for industrial materials analysis. “CT Lab HX” is a versatile CT system, having applications as diverse as examining electronic devices and metal casting, to merchandise inspection and performance tests, to basic research and development in medicine and medical treatment, to industrial applications for examining resin, bones, minerals, and so on.


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