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Visualization of fabric fluffiness and dryness —Evaluation of laundry detergents using X-ray computed tomography—

Winter 2021 Volume 37, No. 1
Yukari Sekine

For manufacturers who market a wide range of products, including household products, pharmaceuticals and/or nutraceutical products, it is important to communicate the characteristics of their products to consumers. This often requires a good evaluation technique that can show the product characteristics intuitively. X-ray imaging techniques, which can visualize the internal structure of a sample non-destructively, are now widely used in academic, medical, and industrial applications. The combination of X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT), which can re-construct the internal 3-dimensional structure of a sample through numerical computation of the transmission data, is called X-ray CT, which is used in a variety of processes, from R&D to quality inspection. Herein, we report an application of the X-ray CT technique for evaluating the performance of laundry detergents and how the results were successfully used for the promotion of a detergent product.


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