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MiniFlex: 50 Years and Counting


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Dear MiniFlex User

We have something to celebrate.

The MiniFlex was introduced in 1973 as the world's first benchtop X-ray diffractometer. It recorded X-ray intensity on a chart recorder. Since then, the MiniFlex has undergone generations of improvements because of your feedback and support. Along the way, you have published over 43,000 papers and patents and let the MiniFlex be part of it. We are so grateful for your years of support and invite you to celebrate MiniFlex's 50th anniversary with us.


MiniFlex: The World’s First Benchtop XRD


Second Generation MiniFlex Released


World's First Benchtop XRD Operated by a Personal Computer


World's First Benchtop XRD Using a High-speed 1D Detector


World’s First Benchtop XRD with a High-Power 600 W X-ray Generator


World’s First Benchtop XRD with a 2D Detector

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"If he could see it in action, I am sure Max von Laue would be delighted with the elegance and versatility of the MiniFlex."

After many years of X-ray diffraction experience, with many instruments from the early GE Diano and Phillips Norelco, and many others through my career, I have found Rigaku to be absolutely the best company with the best products and a commitment to excellence and quality second to none as shown by their mission statement.

Before my retirement, I had been using the MiniFlex XRD for years and always received excellent support. When I set up my petrographic lab in Arizona I purchased a new MiniFlex. Rigaku service engineers worked with me to get the instrument set up and did what was necessary to make sure the MiniFlex met my needs.

It is hard and getting harder all the time to be able to find quality products in today’s world. The MiniFlex XRD is an outstanding value and a great achievement in the technology of XRD with a proven track record of reliability. Rigaku employees should be proud of their dedication to quality products and outstanding service.

Justin Frady is just one example of the kind of customer-service driven people at The Woodlands and throughout the Rigaku organization that work with Rigaku, not for Rigaku. Let them work with you and I am sure you will be as amazed and satisfied as I am with their products and service. If he could see it in action, I am sure Max von Laue would be delighted with the elegance and versatility of the MiniFlex.

John Fox

Bright Ngozichukwu (Texas A&M University)

Tony Emenyonu (GMA Mining)

Geethy P Gopalan (Mahatma Gandhi University)

Padma Manam(Takeda Pharmaceuticals)

GMA Mining USA

GMA Mining USA
Nina Nichols


Sam Houston State University
Dr. Gan Liang with a MiniFlex 600

SHSU 2005

Sam Houston State University
A student with a second-generation MiniFlex

Tetra Technologies, Inc.

Tetra Technologies, Inc.
The Analytical Team

GrafTech International

GrafTech International
Solomon Nyathi

Brutchey Group from University of Southern California

University of Southern California
Brutchey Group

Western Washington University

Western Washington University
Daniel Korus

Western Washington University

Western Washington University
Daniel Korus and Mark Bussell

Blue Planet Systems

Blue Planet Systems
Cate Levey

Blue Planet Systems

Blue Planet Systems
Cate Levey

Blue Planet Systems

Blue Planet Systems
Cate Levey

Blue Planet Systems

Euclid Chemical Company
Keith Franey

Dorf Ketal Energy Services

Dorf Ketal Energy Services
Jianbo Zeng

Dorf Ketal Energy Services

INCLAY Geology
Juliana Palacios

University of Chicago

University of Chicago
Di Wang, Dr. Alexander S. Filatov and Chenkun Zhou, the first three authors of a Science publication where most of the XRD data was obtained on the MiniFlex


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