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Rigaku Americas Strengthens Team by Hiring X-ray Analysis Expert Dr. Simon Bates

Dr. Simon Bates’ Addition Supports Continued Focus on Innovation, Development, and Customer Experience for X-ray Analysis

The Woodlands, TX – March 25, 2021 - Rigaku Americas Corporation is excited to announce the hiring of Dr. Simon Bates to the X-ray analysis team. Dr. Bates brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Rigaku team, with decades of hands-on work in X-ray diffraction, X-ray reflectivity and other advanced material analyses, combined with business acumen.

Simon BatesSimon joins a passionate team of scientists and engineers with deep, industry-leading knowledge and a focus on serving the customer first. The team provides solutions for their users based on a detailed understanding of their needs and applications. Rigaku will use his vast experience with applications and hardware to help tailor systems like the highly versatile SmartLab XRD to clients’ needs and to push Rigaku technologies into new markets.

Commenting on his new appointment, Dr. Bates said, "Rigaku has always been an innovative organization. I am happy to be part of a company that's at the cutting edge of technology serving a wide variety of industries."

Keith Crane, President of Rigaku Americas Corporation replied, "We are grateful to be adding Dr. Bates to our team. We always strive to provide great value to the people we serve and believe Simon's expertise and enthusiasm will amplify and extend that value in many ways."

Simon’s early work at both Philips NV and Bede Scientific focused on the development of high-resolution X-ray methods for the measurement and modeling of advanced materials. His recent work at Triclinic Labs focused on the development of advanced characterization methods for formulated pharmaceutical products based on the analysis of structure (crystalline, non-crystalline, meso-phase, polymorph, salt, co-crystal, etc.), microstructure (texture, strain, crystal size, habit, etc.) and their functional relationships in the solid state.

Simon also holds an appointment as an Adjunct Professor at Long Island University (LIU) in the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has an impressive publication list, with numerous papers featuring data generated on Rigaku instruments. His experience will be invaluable for both clients and the Rigaku team.